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I think I missed the email that was addressing the chat issue.  This is the first that I have seen addressed in this email.  

In the config file the only 'presence' I see is under the proxy: section;  No Chat section at all.  So if there should be a CHAT section where would it go under and what other information would need to be in it.

I have been looking in the documentation for how to authorize subscribers to see each other.  I cant find where that setting is at

I also looked at the suggestion at the link you provide.

I am not sure how to make the changes to the file referenced.

Additionally, I want to know how an individual subscriber would authorize their own contacts to allow there status to be seen or not.  Is there one place that all of this is documented.  I have read the handbook several times and I am just not seeing these things.

Thanks ahead of time Miles

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out of the box, text messages are only allowed between subscribers which have authorized each other via XCAP to prevent unsolicited messages.
Have you authorized your subscribers to see the presence status of each other? This is definitely possible with Jitsi/

Still if you want to allow messaging without authorization you can follow instructions I wrote in my last email:

Chat/presence is enabled by default in all recent version (by setting
presence: yes in /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml), but depending on your client you may have to follow instructions from this thread:

This is exactly the case you have described.

On 05/13/2014 05:48 AM, Horace Miles wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok I got the FQDN working, it was a combination of an internal DNS error (not resolving the IP to domain name internally and cleaning up the rewrite rules.  Thanks you both for your help in this matter.  I am learning a lot about this system in the process. 
> I am still having this issue when trying to do chat request between UA:
> When trying to chat I get a 403 forbidden error in Jitsi. I have 
> changed the property in JITSI for Messaging_force to true on the UA.  
> However, I still get the error below when trying to start a chat 
> session between UA's
> Notice HANDLING MESSAGE REQUEST - R= sip: user-x Notice MESSAGE 
> REQUEST DENIED - sip:user-y is not authorized to sip user-x, retcode 2
> I get the above error when trying to chat from either UA.
> I appreciate all of your(s) help.
> Horace

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