[Spce-user] Newbie question

Tom Foley tom at tomfoley.net
Fri Oct 10 10:05:54 EDT 2014


I'm working through the features of SPCE using the 3.2.2 Virtual Box image
(with updates via APT-UPDATE) and am making progress and generally getting
the feel for the "Sipwise way". I have a working telephony system at this
stage with outgoing and incoming. What I'm missing is that new user
hand-holding and hope you'll forgive me if these questions seem silly.

1). I understand there is a transition away from apache to nginx. And right
now both are required?

2). I'm seeing two user control panels. One at  (port 80 I
assume, not sure) and another at Is this normal?

3). Is there a web page where a new user can sign themselves up? Or is this
left to me and use API calls?

Knowing the answers to these will keep me going for a while, the
documentation is outstanding, it sure beats inaccurate/outdated google
searches I'm used to from previous products.

Thank you,

Tom Foley
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