[Spce-user] Sipwise with several IP address setup

Santiago Albanese santiago.albanese at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 23:21:28 EDT 2014

I've been reading, testing...reading and testing...several times over. I
have a server that has 3 IP interfaces. One is public (where all subscribers
login), the other two are separate private IPs specific to two peers
(service providers). The problems is both providers don't use
authentication, just the specific IP which is a private link from the
provider, so all coming from that IP(Link) is trusted and taken as
authentic. The problem lies in that all calls from subscriber come with the
@public_IP and not the @private_IP that the carrier expects. So I get a
forbideen reply for all outgoing calls. 

For incoming calls the SipWise sends a proxy authentication required, and no
calls come in.

Am I just too much of a newbie and missing something obvious or is it a real
issue? I can't imagine my setup is so unique, seems the norm.
Thanks to the community.

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