[Spce-user] When does SPCE use failover peers apart from response code 503.

Joel S. | VOZELIA joel at vozelia.com
Wed Oct 22 15:29:01 EDT 2014


One of our clients has 2 Asterisk servers for inbound calls in his office.

We have created a peering group with his 2 Asterisk servers.

When I route calls to his platform, If Asterisk box 1 rejects the call for any reason (example: subscriber absent), SPCE does not route it to box 2. 

This is caused because the response code we are receiving is currently a 404 and in the logs I see:

"NOTICE: <script>: No failover routing needed for this response code"

They want us to try Box1, if it fails, try Box2, and the reason is because maybe the extension that has to receive the inbound call is registered to box2 instead of box1.

I know that 503 does make SPCE use failover, my doubt is, what other response codes make SPCE decide to use failover peers? // Can we force the failover to always happen? // Should I request my client the set a specific response code if he wants us to do failover?? (this way we would not have to modify anything in SPCE)

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards, 

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