[Spce-user] asterisk integration

Tóth Csaba tsabi at tsabi.hu
Tue Oct 21 05:22:46 EDT 2014


thanks, i already wrote i want to use asterisk at my clients, so i
create a subscriber in sipwise, and register asterisk to that. And not
the call disconnects, just the asterisk's registration lost (after one
or two minute). Asterisk says i am not registered, and no calls goes in
and out.
And i am interested in working real configs. Theoretically i know how it
should work, where are the logs, but we don't see any problems at
sipwise part and we believe both asterisk and sipwise are configured well.

Thanks in advance,

2014.10.21. 11:03 keltezéssel, Daniel Grotti írta:
> Hi,
> well it depends if the Asterisk box is peer for you or a subscriber (so
> and end point you want to bill).
> In the first case you can configure a peering server in NGCP, in the
> second case you should have set a subscriber and register your Asterisk
> box on NGCP.
> Regarding your issue, a kamailio-proxy.log would be useful.
> If the call get disconnected, it could be several reasons, session
> timers, wrong ACK format.
> Daniel
> On 10/21/2014 10:51 AM, Tóth Csaba wrote:
>> Dear community,
>> i am very new to sipwise, we just started to use it.
>> My question, what is the suggested config to connect a client with an
>> asterisk? So i create a subscriber and register my asterisk to that.
>> I am interested in both sides.
>> During our tests the asterisk always disconnect after a while, and we
>> don't understand the reason.
>> Thanks,
>> Csaba
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