[Spce-user] Recovery Question PKG 2.8

Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Thu Oct 30 14:32:28 EDT 2014

It appears that the problem is this:

Not executing command for kamailio-proxy: invalid configuration file!


0(3332) : <core> [cfg.y:3549]: parse error in config file
/etc/kamailio/proxy/proxy.cfg, line 2068, column 47: syntax error

0(3332) : <core> [cfg.y:3549]: parse error in config file
/etc/kamailio/proxy/proxy.cfg, line 2068, column 47: bad expression

0(3332) : <core> [cfg.y:3546]: parse error in config file
/etc/kamailio/proxy/proxy.cfg, line 2079, column 2-3: bad command

ERROR: bad config file (3 errors)





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Good afternoon Group:


I have a question relating to moving services to another server so I
will outline the process used which is not working as it did in the


In the past I was able to move to another system using the following


a.)    mysqldump -p --databases billing provisioning kamailio accounting
carrier ngcp sipstats > /tmp/backup.sql

This was preparing the databases to move to a new server.


b.)    Perform the standard Debian Squeeze installation (basic server)
as instructed & Patch system, example: BASH issue

c.)     PKG=ngcp-installer-2.8.deb

d.)    wget http://deb.sipwise.com/spce/${PKG}

e.)    dpkg -i ${PKG}

f.)     ngcp-installer

g.)    ngcp-network --set-interface=eth0 --ip=auto --netmask=auto

h.)    ngcp-network --move-from=lo --move-to=eth0 --type=web_ext
--type=sip_ext --type=rtp_ext --type=ssh_ext

i.)      edit /etc/network/interfaces (setting the IP information
required for this server)

j.)      move the database over from the backup and process: mysql -p

k.)    move over the config.yml from the previous server

l.)      run ngcpcfg apply to verify everything sets up ok

m.)  reboot to make sure everything is listening ok

NOTE: The IP address of the duplicated server is also listed in the
domain list.



Is there any reason to think this process would not work today as it did
in the past?



If the original install was done according to the steps above on Feb 4th
2014 would the distribution be different now in 2.8 that is causing a
difference in the system?


Is there a way to install the version of 2.8 that was being downloaded
on Feb 4 2014 compared to the newer 2.8 that is currently available?


Thank you




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