[Spce-user] db rev naming

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at sipdoc.net
Wed Aug 19 19:19:28 EDT 2015

Hi all

I'd like to suggest to change the naming policy of the db revisions. At the
moment they are numbered with consecutive numbers. 

I am doing  PBX integration for one customer and I have to extend the db schema
with new preferences and tables. If I create db revs for those changes I don't
have numbers for them as the next rev provided by Sipwise will follow the last

I would suggest to change the numbering plan for future revs to something like

401XX Where 401 means mr 4.0.1 and XX and increasing id. That way, if 15 db
revs are supplied with mr4.0.1 I know that I have 85 slots for custom revs as
next release would start with 40200 or 41100.

This naming is compatible with ngcp-update-db-schema and it also provides more
information about ngcp version and rev mapping.

Is this something it could be considered for future releases?



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