[Spce-user] SIP Error: wb_timer

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Thu Aug 13 02:52:31 EDT 2015

Another subscriber has this message in logfile: 

Aug 13 04:42:11 spce proxy[12075]: ERROR: usrloc [urecord.c:368]: wb_timer(): failed to delete contact from the database (aor: 43xxxxx1) 

it seams that there is a DB issue. 

I restarted SPCE and now it works again, but not sure, why this failure occurs. 

is there anything to check? 

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. August 2015 08:09:27 
Betreff: [Spce-user] SIP Error: wb_timer 


i updated yesterday with this my mr3.8.2 SPCE 

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && ngcp-update-db-schema && ngcp-update-cfg-schema && ngcpcfg apply 

some subscribers cant login anymore: 
this is the rror message. 

what i can do now??? 

Aug 13 07:49:48 spce proxy[12065]: ERROR: usrloc [urecord.c:398]: wb_timer(): updating contact in db failed (aor: 43xxxxxxx) 

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