[Spce-user] Not billing the correct rate

Paul Hughes Dinas Build Property Services dinasbuild at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 04:21:42 EST 2015

Hi everyone,
I having a little issue with the billing.  After creating a billing profile
& entered the fees I am finding that when I make a call the billing don’t
 bill the call correctly.

example say I have entered in

Onpeak init rate  as 0.015

Onpeak init interval  as 60 seconds
Onpeak follow rate 0.015

Onpeak follow interval   1 second

What I am finding is that when I make a call the first 60 seconds is being
charged at 0.009.  But if I set the Onpeak init interval  to 100 then the
correct amount is being billed but then the initial billing interval for
100 seconds.
It looks like  to me that the Onpeak init interval  amount when set to 60
is ony charging 60% of the Onpeak init rate as if its doing  0.015/ 100 *
60 = 0.009 ..    is this supposed to be that way ?  as it really confusing
up my billing rates
>From what I read in the manual should it be Onpeak init rate is billed for
what ever seconds are in the Onpeak init interval?

Regards Paul
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