[Spce-user] Bug Report 3.6.2 for Subscriber Alias Numbers and other problems

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Tue Jan 13 13:28:44 EST 2015



i updated to 3.6.2 and found a bug in your webinterface.


If i edit a subscriber and add a Alias Number, the alias number can be
inserted and i can save the new settings.

At "Master Data" of the subscriber, i can see the Alias number i defined

If I edit now the subscriber again, the fields for setting the alias
number are removed so i can only press "Add another number" and if i do
nothing and just save the edit window, the alias number is removed also in
the master data overview.


So everytime if i want to edit a subscriber over the webinterface, which
has some alias numbers included, i must edit and set every alias number
new, or i will loose the alias number config.


And second: also the SIP USERNAME is not visible or editable anymore..?




And Last but not Least:


What does this mean..?


"If you have customized your configurations using customtt.tt2 files, you
must migrate your changes to the new configuration files after the
upgrade, otherwise all your calls will most certainly fail."


I did the update from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 but didn't make some configurations
with the customtt.tt2 files but since update all my calls will fail. => i
if i look in my call history, there is for this call status "timeout".


In my logfile is written:

Jan 13 19:04:31 spce proxy[4012]: NOTICE: <script>: Authentication failed,
no credentials - R=sip:067677000000 at sipwise.domain.at
ID=3773cdb927bc2fa91ca3d4cc6e09bf2a at sipwise.domain.at
<mailto:ID=3773cdb927bc2fa91ca3d4cc6e09bf2a at sipwise.domain.at> 



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