[Spce-user] GUI not showing

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Jan 19 05:08:20 EST 2015

Dear spce-users!

Please note: NGCP is configured for high performance by default!!!

For example ngcp-panel has 10 fast-cgi workers
(see config.yml: www_admin->fastcgi_workers).
Just keep in mind that one thread can process one request per time.
www_admin->fastcgi_workers=4 should be enough for CE systems with one
NGCP administrator.

Also feel free to check/use the script 

> root at spce:~# /usr/sbin/ngcp-toggle-performance-config
> /usr/sbin/ngcp-toggle-performance-config - tool to adjust sip:provider configuration for low/high performance
>   --help                Display this usage information
>   --high-performance    Adjust configuration for system with normal/high performance
>   --low-performance     Adjust configuration for system with low performance (e.g. VMs)
> root at spce:~#

We use them internally for our development Vagrant-based environment
which works fine on 1.5GB of RAM in "--low-performance" mode.
So, you can reuse it for Proxmox based test installations.

Feel free to ask your questions here and share the feedback!

On 16/01/15 17:27, Barry Flanagan wrote:
> You probably so not have sufficient RAM. I find that 4Gb is required to
> run reliably.

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