[Spce-user] GUI not showing

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Jan 19 07:05:58 EST 2015

Dear Michael!

We are using Proxmox for building vagrant images every night
(Version: 3.3-5/bfebec03). It works well.

Please increase amount of RAM you granted to Proxmox VM till 4Gb.
BTW, are you using "Virtual Machine", but not "OpenVZ Container", right?

Also, you can specify boot parameter "lowperformance" to enable low 
performance during the installation. Press <TAB> on the first screen of 
CE install CD. (The first window where you are choosing which version to 
install). And type lowperformance as boot parameter there and press ENTER.

I hope it will allow you install NGCP CE on your Proxmox VM!

Please share /var/log/deployment-installer-debug.log if installer still 
fails. Thank you!

On 19/01/15 11:59, Michael Masanga wrote:
> This is assuming proxmox actually installed. On proxmox its not installing at all. Its stopping when installing mysql  which is actually at the beginning of the installation

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