[Spce-user] Termination fees

Roberto Oliveira roberto.oliveira at tmco.com.br
Tue Jul 28 16:26:40 EDT 2015

When you say " login the system with the "cdrexport" user" you mean logging
in the web UI?
Cause I tried that and it did not work (I did create a password for the
cdrexport user as instructed in the manual).


Roberto Oliveira
+55 (11) 99444 0199

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El Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:13:55 -0300
Roberto Oliveira <roberto.oliveira at tmco.com.br> escribió:

> Hello all,
> Can someone please help me finding the rated CDRs with the termination
> fees?
> I have peerings configured, each with a different contract and billing
> profile. So I should have the calls rated, but I can't find them

the exported cdrs should be accesible if you login the system with the
"cdrexport" user or if you check the home of that user.

You can also find the cdrs in the accounting.cdr table in the db.

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