[Spce-user] No audio for Voicebox mr3.8.1

Crexpedio Support Team jesse at crexpedio.com
Sat Jun 6 17:30:01 EDT 2015


I think it is but not really sure where to check.

root at secure:/home/admin# ps -ef | grep rtpengine
root      6383     1  0 12:52 ?        00:00:08 /usr/sbin/rtpengine --interface=ext/! --listen-ng= --timeout=60 --silent-timeout=3600 --pidfile=/var/run/ngcp-rtpengine-daemon.pid --tos=184 --port-min=30000 --port-max=40000 --b2b-url=http://%%:8090/ --table=0 --log-level=6

Here is asterisk:

secure*CLI> module show like rtp
Module                         Description                              Use Count
0 modules loaded


Crexpedio Technical Support Team
support at crexpedio.com

The box Said "For windows 95, 2000. XP or Better"
so I installed Linux

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