[Spce-user] SDP rewriting

Serge S. Yuriev me at nevian.org
Fri Jun 19 12:30:54 EDT 2015



I'm still trying to understand why SPCE is not proxying outbound calls 
while proxying incoming. How to debug this?

On 17/06/15 12:38, Serge S. Yuriev wrote:
> Hi,
> We have two networks, Internal and External
> (external) Peer(s) -- SPCE -- PBX (internal)
> SPCE have addresses in both nets via extra socket and two RTP interfaces
> If we get incoming call SPCE rewrites (and proxy) both signaling and 
> SDP o= and c= lines with self IP
> While we trying make outgoing call SPCE rewrites only signaling so o= 
> and c= lines carries Peer's IP towards PBX
> I trying figure out where is my mistake and how/where to debug this: 
> proxy|lb|sems, debug=2, debugger module..
> btw How to debug SEMS?

Serge S. Yuriev
Lead VoIP engineer

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