[Spce-user] Feature Request: Setting "free minutes packages" without billing profiles and possibility to cascade billing profiles

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Mon Mar 2 03:15:48 EST 2015


is there a possibility to exclude free minutes from the billing profiles to set them seperatly on an other layer..? 
Currently I have 5 different billing profiles and this just because i need 5 different "free minutes" packages. 

It would be much more transparently and easier to handle if there would be only a main billing fee profile and the "free minutes" or "free cash" packages could be set seperatly. 
Otherwise i must care about 5 different billing fee profiles i must keep them all up2date with new prefixes or inbound rates or whatever. 
So this could be a point of failure if somebody is not working carefully and switching a customer to another billing profile, cause the customer wants more free minutes but in the new profile a inbound prefix or whatever is not set. 

Another feature request: 
Is is also possible to cascade billing fee profiles..? 
Normally premium rates are the same for all customers and billing profiles in austria. So it is only allowed in 1/1 and also with a fix price. 
It would be good, if we could cascade this billing profiles with another profile to create the main profile... 
So you have just 3 "under" profiles which combinated creates the main profile. this would bring more flexibility. 
Cause if you must only expand the premium rates, you then just to this in the premium fee profile and the changes are active for all billing profiles which has the premium fees profile assigned as sub layer profile. 
So then there is no need to update every single profile with the new fees. 
The same thing is also with inbound fees. You have much more flexiblity and you must not anymore care about, if every inbound fee or whatever is define in every profile. 
Currently with 5 profiles with arround 5000 prefixes inside in each profileand currently this is not so much stress to care them but if you have about 10 or 20 different fees, it is much work to keep them all up2date and syncron :/ 

Billing Profile A (national and foreign countries) 
Billing Profile B (Premium) 
Billing Profile C (Special prefixes and inbound rates) 

The Final Billing Profile should be then A + B + C. The combination made Billing Profile D... and Billing Profile D is the "main" profile the customer get set. 

Maybe this would be a nice feature for the next LTS release..? 

nice greats. 
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