[Spce-user] Feature Request: Setting "free minutes packages" without billing profiles and possibility to cascade billing profiles

Barry Flanagan barry at flanagan.ie
Mon Mar 2 06:44:32 EST 2015

On 2 March 2015 at 11:22, Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana <
rabs at dimension-virtual.com> wrote:

> It's a good feature to have ... but as all rating/billing systems
> outthere, will suffer from the 'prefix matching' problem.
> What to do if you have:
> Base rate: +44.* 0,01
> Customer special rate: +4422.* 0,05
> Free rates: +44.* 0,0
> And customer calls +44223....
> I know it's not a good example ... but a typical one ... to inner-most
> profile doesn't include the top-most profile. I have seen that problem
> before, and it's not easy to solve.
True. But the Sipwise guys are extraordinarily clever :-)

I think the prefix matching would have to be "same or longer" for each
sub-profile. So in your example, the call would match the Special Rate. A
call to +443XXXXX would match the Free rate, and if free time/money is used
up it would go to Base.

You would have to ensure that you covered all codes you need in any
sub-profile, but that would still be a whole lot easier than the current


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> On 2 March 2015 at 08:15, Matthias Hohl <matthias.hohl at telematica.at>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is there a possibility to exclude free minutes from the billing profiles
>> to set them seperatly on an other layer..?
>> Currently I have 5 different billing profiles and this just because i
>> need 5 different "free minutes" packages.
>> <snip>
>> *Another feature request:*
>> Is is also possible to cascade billing fee profiles..?
> I would also love to see cascading billing profiles. Would make life so
> much more simple and less error prone.
> Would cascading profiles not also solve your first issue regarding free
> time/cash? You would simply add your free destinations in a separate
> profile and these would over-ride the rates in the main profile.
> Or maybe I think of cascading differently: I would want to be able to
> have, for example, a full a-z profile with my standard base rates, and then
> the ability to specify one or more additional profiles and any rates in
> these would take precedence over the base rates of any other rate set in a
> previous profile.
> 1. Base Profile - my stadard rates
> 2. Customer special Rates - for example a customer has a special rate for
> UK calls
> 3. Free Rates - defining which rates get to use free time/cash
> So in the above scenario, I could have a base UK rate, and for this
> particular customer I have assigned a special rate. However I have also
> included UK in the Free Rates. Therefore this customer will first of all
> use their Free time for UK calls and then will pay the Special Rates for
> any subsequent UK calls.
> This would require being able to specify the priority of a rate profile,
> so that you can determine which rate gets picked.
> It would allow just one Base profile and then deal with exceptions in
> additional profiles. It would immediately be obvious how a particular
> customer is being rated and make rates an order of magnitude easier to
> maintain.
> -Barry Flanagan
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