[Spce-user] Failed to create subscriber (couldn't open pipe to sendmail)

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Mar 2 11:01:26 EST 2015

Dear Matthias,

I hope the link will help you a bit:

On 02/03/15 16:56, Matthias Hohl wrote:
> ngcp-panel runs out of order and make a lot of "perl-fcgi"
> i have mr3.7.1 with 3GB of RAM and he used 3GB and 1,5GB Swap for about
> 100 subscribers.
> i checked the statistics and it seams that the ngcp fill up the RAM over
> days now...
> i restarted the ngcp-panel service and now again 50% of RAM are free again.
> i didn't modify any ngcp-panel configs or something like that...
> is this maybe a know problem..? is there any hotfix..?

Alexander Lutay
Head of Quality Assurance
Sipwise GmbH, Campus 21/Europaring F15
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