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I am finally having a look at the billing side of things. Still getting my
head around most of it and will come up with more questions no doubt, but
the first one is this:

At this point I am not worried about billing our clients - I need to rate
the calls coming in from a peer as they are meant to pay us an interconnect
fee. I am struggling to grasp how this is done. From the 2.8 handbook:

   - *source*: The source pattern. This is a POSIX regular expression
   matching the complete source URI (e.g. ^.*@sip\.example\.org$ or
   ^someone at sip\.sipwise\.com$ or just . to match everything). If you leave
   this field empty, the default pattern . matching everything will be set
   implicitely. Internally, this pattern will be matched against the
   <source_cli>@<source_domain> fields of the CDR.
   - *destination*: The destination pattern. This is a POSIX regular
   expression matching the complete destination URI (e.g. someone at sip
   \.example\.org or ^43). This field must be set.
   - *direction*: Outbound for standard origination fees (applies to
   callers placing a call and getting billed for that) or Inbound for
   termination fees (applies to callees if you want to charge them for
   receiving various calls, e.g. for 800-numbers). *If in doubt, use
   Outbound*. If you upload fees via CSV files, useout or in, respectively.

Source - understand
Destination - there wouldn't be one. I merely need to rate the calls from a
peer. The wouldn't just go to one destination, they go all over the
platform. What is meant to go there?
Direction - Inbound I would imagine, but it must not apply to the callee,
but rather to the peer?

Any input appreciated.
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