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El Fri, 8 May 2015 16:33:50 +0200
Theo <axessofficetheo at gmail.com> escribió:

> Hi
> I am finally having a look at the billing side of things. Still getting my
> head around most of it and will come up with more questions no doubt, but
> the first one is this:
> At this point I am not worried about billing our clients - I need to rate
> the calls coming in from a peer as they are meant to pay us an interconnect
> fee. I am struggling to grasp how this is done. From the 2.8 handbook:
>    - *source*: The source pattern. This is a POSIX regular expression
>    matching the complete source URI (e.g. ^.*@sip\.example\.org$ or
>    ^someone at sip\.sipwise\.com$ or just . to match everything). If you leave
>    this field empty, the default pattern . matching everything will be set
>    implicitely. Internally, this pattern will be matched against the
>    <source_cli>@<source_domain> fields of the CDR.
>    - *destination*: The destination pattern. This is a POSIX regular
>    expression matching the complete destination URI (e.g. someone at sip
>    \.example\.org or ^43). This field must be set.
>    - *direction*: Outbound for standard origination fees (applies to
>    callers placing a call and getting billed for that) or Inbound for
>    termination fees (applies to callees if you want to charge them for
>    receiving various calls, e.g. for 800-numbers). *If in doubt, use
>    Outbound*. If you upload fees via CSV files, useout or in, respectively.
> Source - understand
> Destination - there wouldn't be one. I merely need to rate the calls from a
> peer. The wouldn't just go to one destination, they go all over the
> platform. What is meant to go there?
> Direction - Inbound I would imagine, but it must not apply to the callee,
> but rather to the peer?
> Any input appreciated.

The spce system is prepared to charge subscribers only. Not peers. When you use
direction "incoming" in the billing profile assigned to your subscriber that
means that you charge the subscriber for receiving calls.

In case you add billing profiles to the peers using direction outbound marks
your cost when seding calls to the peer. You can put there the cost and use
"incoming" direction and you'll get the value when the call ends in one of your

Peer-to-peer calls cannot be rated properly AFAIK.

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