[Spce-user] Problem to reach web interface after update

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Sun Nov 8 03:11:11 EST 2015

Dear Sergey,

I believe you have jumped from 2.8 to mr3.8?


> Old Subscriber selfcare interface is deprecated and has been disabled
> by default. New ngcp-panel based Subscriber interface has been separated
> from ngcp-panel Admin interface and available on the old port 443.
> System owners can separate and control the network interfaces where
> Subscriber and Admin panels are available (please use web_ext type to
> assign Subscriber selfcare interface in network.yml and web_int for
> Admin interface). IMPORTANT: Admin ngcp-panel interface listens on
> localhost only by default, please assign “web_int” type to appropriate
> network interface in /etc/ngcp-config/network.yml and run ngcpcfg apply.

Otherwise please check nginx and ngcp-panel are up and running.
Also please check "netstat -anp | grep 433" which IP listen ports 443/1443.

Alex Lutay

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