[Spce-user] SSL: target host name does not match

Yamin Hu yhu at CleverDevices.com
Thu Apr 7 15:49:18 EDT 2016


I installed whole Sipwise package in Jessie. It is running well. Now I am using curl to inquire NGCP HTTP. Here is one issue I get in SSL.

I downloaded API Client X.509 and CA certificate in NGCP. Now I am using command to get all subscribers.

curl -i -X GET --cert NGCP-API-client-certificate-1460035311.pem --cacert NGCP-API-ca-certificate.pem https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:1443/api/subscribers/?page=1

Error message says "curl: (51) SSL: certificate subject name 'Sipwise GmbH' does not match target host name 'XXX.XXX.X.XXX'

What's the host name of Debain machine? Should it be "Sipwise GmbH"? However, the name with space is not allowed in Debain Linux.

New York, USA

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