[Spce-user] internal call issues

Jonathan Yue jonathan.yue at turboitsolutions.com
Fri Apr 8 17:47:16 EDT 2016

I've configured 2 accounts in same domain on spce4.2.1.

Scenario 1:
301 registered by Cisco 7960, NAT is enabled and configured in sip 
configuration of 7960.
302 registered by MicroSIP on laptop. STUN & ICE are configured.
both devices are in same LAN behind same NAT (OpenWRT router). both show 
they're registered.

now when 301 calls 302, call is answered ok. however if 302 hangs up 
call, 301 stays connected. in packet captures, I notice spce sends to 
phone (public IP) icmp message "destination unreachable (port 
unreachable)", but can't figure out how this may be related.

when 302 calls 301, MicroSIP reports message "Not Found", on spce, call 
histry records status "offline", in packet captures, there's also 
message "destination unreachable (port unreachable)", but sent opposite 
way, phone -> spce.

I fell the issues are caused by nat traversal of Cisco 7960, but can't 
put pieces together. I know, it's very old phone, no STUN, no ICE, I'm 
rather curious from technology perspective. is there a way to make it 
work with spce? It registers with Asterisk and works fine.

Scenario 2
I unplugged 7960, and register 301 on CSipSimple on Android. STUN & ICE 
are also configured on CSipSimple. call establishment and tear-down 
between 301 & 302 are all fine, there's new issue now however: rtp is 
relayed by spce, although MicroSIP & CSipSimple can exchange rtp via 
private IP directly.

any suggestion is appreciated.

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