[Spce-user] Not having much luck with billing! Advice please?

William Hilsum William at ezpcltd.com
Sat Apr 9 16:18:57 EDT 2016


I just set up a new instance with a trunk to try to learn and understand billing.

I have tried setting up a rule with the following:

Source Pattern .
Destination Pattern ^001.*, 001.* (and a few others)
Match Direction out
Billing Zone USA Phone Calls
I changed all the rates to 0.01
I changed the billing intervals to 1

I have made several calls that last 2-10 seconds, but, they are all coming up as 0 rated.

I still have the default rule of . / .* / All destinations set up as free, however, from reading the manual, I thought items just had to be unique and it wasn't first match. I tried changing this rule in case it was first match, but, nothing has changed.

Straight after making the call, I see the following in cdr.log:

Apr  9 22:16:09 testpbx (daemon.debug) mediator[3278]: Overall 519 CDRs created so far.

Rate-o-mat.log is empty

I am guessing my regex is wrong, but, I tried a few online tests, and, it appears to be matching against the string.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
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