[Spce-user] New sip:provider CE mr4.3.1 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Apr 15 10:34:31 EDT 2016

Dear community!

This is to inform you about the availability of the new SPCE mr4.3.1 !

The InstallCD media, Vagrant box, Virtualbox, VMware and AMI images have
been uploaded, please check the handbook for all the details:

Please find the list of all fixes on our web site:

Important changes for mr4.3.1:

> NGCP uses Asterisk 11.13 now
> [PRO/Carrier] New FAX engine: ngcp-faxserver which replaces discontinued hylafax based software/hardware FAX solutions
> [PRO/Carrier] ngcp-faxserver preserves old functionality and also provides support for T.38, Mail2Fax, NGCP REST API and many more
> Location-based preferences: new layer of preferences which is tied to network blocks and allows to apply different admission control values and emergency values depending on the customer site.
> Call routing verification: a new page Routing Verification is introduced, which allows to validate and simulate rewrite rules.
> Emergency calls prioritization: when switched into emergency mode the system only allows calling to the privileged subscribers which offer emergency services and emergency numbers.
> Local number portability (LNP) support: locally hosted LNP database with support of LNP specific rewrite rules.
> Add Kamailio SIP signaling loop detection
> Optimized and refactored ngcp-fraud-* checks, supports REST API (as /customerfraudevents) and EmailTemplates
> [PRO/Carrier] NGCP CloudPBX is installed and disabled by default. Additional license is required to use it in production.
> Removed deprecated ngcp-ossbss (SOAP API)

Thank you for the bug reports and feedback!

Alex Lutay

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