[Spce-user] where is sems-stats command

Yamin Hu yhu at CleverDevices.com
Thu Apr 28 17:36:56 EDT 2016


I am running "sems-stats" command. However, command cannot be found. Where is this command?

Yes, looks good to me.
> What you can do is raising the log level of sems by executing this command:
>       sems-stats -c "set_loglevel 3"
> Then do:
>       tail -f /var/log/ngcp/sems.log
> and wait for sems to re-register and check what it says and post it here.
> Andreas

Steve Y Hu / O: 516-403-8373 / yhu at cleverdevices.com<mailto:yhu at cleverdevices.com>

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