[Spce-user] Number Porting

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Apr 28 11:43:43 EDT 2016

Hi Julian,

On 04/28/2016 04:01 PM, Julian Seifert wrote:
> thank you for providing a quick overview.
> (btw. I really like the 4.3.1 release - the call verify tool is great and I appreciate LNP support being
> implemented )

Thanks for the nice feedback! :)

> Just to clarify:  (with enabled stuff in config.yml)
> My subscriber A makes an outgoing call, ngcp looks at the number and recognizes its not local. 
> As it is not local it tries to look it up in local LNP-DB. Let's say there is an entry for the called number
> like D001 (Deutsche Telekom for example). This value gets assigned to ${callee_lnp_prefix}.
> I can then use D001 as callee prefix in my peering rules to route the call via the peering group I prefer
> for D001?

The carrier prefix gets stored in ${callee_lnp_prefix} and can be used
in the newly introduced lnp-callee rewrite rules to put it as prefix in
front of the number, and yes, then it can be used as prefix in the peer
for selecting a specific peering group. The outbound-callee rewrite
rules assigned to the peer might strip it off again if needed if you
just want to use the lnp prefix for peer selection.

> Can't wait to see the updated docs :) Is there a timeframe for release of 4.4?

Probably sooner than expected, I'd say within 1-2 weeks. There won't be
a whole lot of new things, other than mainly some changes to CDR
handling to allow to add more fields without having to clutter the CDR
table, but by using some related table.


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