[Spce-user] configure hep agent for homer 5

Jonathan Yue jonathan.yue at turboitsolutions.com
Fri Apr 8 16:57:53 EDT 2016

thanks Lorenzo.

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>Hi Jonathan,
>The best way to get going is to use the sipcapture project captagent, 
>which is transparent and independent from the Kamailio configuration.
>Link: https://github.com/sipcapture/captagent/wiki/Installation and 
>configure your Homer details in the hep transport xml configuration.
>As Homer comes pre-configured to support the NGCP/CE correlation style, 
>everything should work out of the box. Sipwise also added HEP support 
>in RTPEngine to allow RTCP statistics can being forwarded and 
>stored/displayed automatically when enabled.
>If you need support with it feel free to drop on the homer mailing 
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>On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 12:50 AM, Jonathan Yue 
><jonathan.yue at turboitsolutions.com> wrote:
>>I'd like to configure hep agent on spce. there's an example for 
>>Kamailio here: 
>>https://github.com/sipcapture/homer/wiki/Examples%3A-Kamailio, however 
>>the file name is not mentioned. On the other hand, I understand spce 
>>composes of other components, so its configuration infrastructure 
>>might be different than a Kamailio server. question: in which 
>>configuration file of spce should I configure hep agent?
>>home 5 has been installed in a separate machine.
>>These applications are all new to me, any information is appreciated!
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