[Spce-user] sip fragmentation

Jonathan Yue jonathan.yue at turboitsolutions.com
Wed Apr 13 23:26:53 EDT 2016

I applied that workaround: 
from the packet captures, I can see in RR header is changed to 
a private ip address. but issue persists.

So I went back to the thought of reducing sdp size. on softphone 
MicroSIP, I disabled ICE, enabled only 1 codec. bingo! the sdp is now 
small enough to be contained in 1 packet. then the outbound call via 
VoIPStunt succeeded! this test proved my thought about packet 
fragmentation, but I still wonder what is the official solution for such 
situation? to disable ICE and keep only 1 codec isn't nice way to 
configure a sip client.

Now the new problem is that there's no rtp traffics between in internal 

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>Trust me ... it's not a fragmentation problem ... just follow the 
>indications on the documentation about the "Audiocodes devices 
>workaround", the real problem it's the IP on the RR headers 
>... VoIPStunt and a lot of other SIP-Carriers, doesn't support private 
>IP's on the SIP headers.
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>>Thanks for your input Raúl.
>>in the packet captures, I notice following items:
>>INVITE sip:1xxxxxxxxxx at sip.voipstunt.com SIP/2.0
>>Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
>>Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
>>I wonder if the 2nd record-route message and 2nd Via message are 
>>necessary. If they are omitted, the sip packet won't be fragmented.
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>>>You could activate header compresion, but you will have to pray to  
>>>VoIPStunt to support that.
>>>Better check why your headers get so big
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>>>>Hi, gang,
>>>>Is there a way to shrink the header of sip message sent from spce? I 
>>>>configured a sip trunk with VoIPStunt as a test. After receiving 
>>>>invite message, VoIPStunt sends 401, spce then sends out an sdp, 
>>>>supposedly containing authentication digest, however, the message 
>>>>gets fragmented. VoIPStung never responds again, apparently it 
>>>>doesn't assemble fragmented packets.
>>>>I then change the trunk's transport protocol to tcp, VoIPStunt 
>>>>doesn't respond at all, I guess it doesn't support tcp.
>>>>spce version is v4.2.1. in the attached screenshot, is 
>>>>VoIPStunt's ip address, the other is my spce's.
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