[Spce-user] Speeding up rate-o-mate

Marc Storck mstorck at voipgate.com
Wed Apr 20 07:10:01 EDT 2016

Hello Marco,

I have seen this kind of behaviour on CE version running on 1-2 vCPUs and with limited IOPS (storage). It seems that rate-o-mat backs off if the CPU load goes beyond a certain threshold.

I also briefly observed (using htop) that the MySQL server was consuming almost all of the available CPU time. So the combination of limited CPU, IOPS and RAM might have an impact.

I did not observe this issue with a system with 4 cores, 32GB and locally attached RAID1 storage.




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​(...) and so, ​that justifies why changing it does not alter behavior.

Thank you Andreas
One more question, i'm seeing running intervals of 30 secs give or take 1 sec... If it is in a tight loop and doing 100 cdrs every 30 secs, does that mean that the "tight loop" you mentioned pushes everyt iteration 30 secs apart ?

Thank you
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