[Spce-user] iptables issue

Jonathan Yue jonathan.yue at turboitsolutions.com
Wed Apr 20 14:25:45 EDT 2016

Thanks George, that's very good advice, will do that right away. It's 
funny, on my home router which runs OpenWRT, I actually disabled 
password login and set up public key auth. i did that for fun when I 
though of pki one day and didn't realize the importance of that.

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>Hi Jonathan
>I would strongly advise against *ever* using password based SSH 
>authentication - even if using fail2ban I would not expose a server to 
>the Internet without public key authentication enabled (and password 
>authentication disabled).
>More info available here:  https://macnugget.org/projects/publickeys/
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>On 20/04/2016 18:00, Jonathan Yue wrote:
>>It's the ssh access that was hacked. I suddenly noticed an established 
>>ssh connection from Asia. since I disabled root login in ssh right 
>>after install, the hacker must somehow have got my login password. in 
>>a haste, I reverted the VM to a previous snapshot, so I can't analyze 
>>how hacking happened now.
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