[Spce-user] Rates to be repeated in billing profile?

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Just wanted to check if my understanding of how Billing Profiles work is

Here's the context: 

1. There is a Carrier profile (applied to a peering contract) with some
115 thousand different rates/destinations (reducing this is an option
being worked with the carrier). 

2. There is a Reseller contract with a profile containing same number of
rates with margins applied. 

Now, in order to create some billing offerings (say, discount calls to
mobile destination of a particular country) only a few (out of more than
100 thousand rates) change. I understand it is still necessary to repeat
the unchanged rates/destinations for each Customer's billing profile we
want to create. Is this correct? 

I tried to use 'catch-all-fees with 0 cts/min' in Customer's billing
profiles, but then the CDR and the Invoices show total_user_cost=0
(although Peering and Reseller cost do show in the cdr). The only
documented alternative way of creating billing profiles without
repeating many lines of fees/billing_profile I've been able to find is
However, in my case the 'Free Time' feature of rate-o-mat could not be
used with this "solution". 

Is there a way to tell rate-o-mat to use Reseller's (or Carrier's) fees
if it does not find the "destination" in the Customer's profile? 


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