[Spce-user] New sip:provider CE mr4.5.1 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Aug 29 11:42:07 EDT 2016

Dear community!

This is to inform you about the availability of the new SPCE mr4.5.1 !

The InstallCD media, Vagrant box, Virtualbox, VMware and AMI images have
been uploaded, please check the handbook for all the details:

Please find the list of all fixes on our web site:

Important changes for mr4.5.1:

> * final stabilization for upcoming mr4.5.2 LTS announcement
> * kamailio: upgrade to latest stable 4.4.2
> * faxserver – full carrier support and remote faxes queuing, faxes
>   retain and retrieval support, various fixes and improvements.
> * ngcp-sync-grants – internal ngcp component for mysql credentials
>   and mysql grants synchronization rework.
> * emergency mapping to extend the emergency_prefix handling
> * configuration option for Admin Web-UI to add links to “Documentation” panel
> * [PRO/Carrier] RTCEngine has been migrated from mongodb to mysql
> * CDR cleanup mechanism is improved to prevent filling up the
>   cdrexport file system
> * new lawful intercept mode via a loop over a peering server
> * [CE] mysql now listens on the loopback interface by default (it was socket)
> * ngcp-panel: password in logs are now masked by default
> * collectd: upgrade to 5.5.1-3~bpo8+1
> * sems: prevent crashes on shutdown
> * [Carrier] optional mysql-cluster support (ndb) for scaling registrations

Also some answers on FAQ here:

Is mr4.5.1 LTS (long time supported) release?

> The current release line mr4.5.x is going to be the next NGCP LTS and
> will officially be announced as LTS when mr4.5.2 is released. The
> only changes from the current mr4.5.1 to the next official mr4.5.2
> LTS are an upgrade script for direct mr3.8.x to mr4.5.x upgrade, and
> potential bug fixes. Otherwise the feature set, functionality and API
> is fixed and won’t change anymore.

Is it possible to upgrade directly from mr3.8* LTS to mr4.5.1 LTS release?

> We will implement such upgrade step for mr4.5.2+.
> While currently is it possible to update on mr4.5.1 from mr4.4.* only.

Is it possible to upgrade directly from 2.8 LTS to mr4.5.1 LTS release?

> No, it is not possible. It is not allowed to jump over LTS releases.
> Upgrade from 2.8 LTS must be performed on the latest build of release
> mr3.8 LTS first.

Thanks to community for feedback and Sipwise team for a nice work!
Have fun!

Alex Lutay
Head of Quality Assurance
Sipwise GmbH, Campus 21/Europaring F15
AT-2345 Brunn am Gebirge

Office: +43(0)13012036
Email: alutay at sipwise.com
Website: https://www.sipwise.com

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