[Spce-user] SOAP update_voip_account_subscriber slow on large updates.

Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Mon Aug 29 10:52:31 EDT 2016

Hello group;

I have a question relating to managing large numbers of DIDs in a single subscriber.  Although I understand that SOAP interface was depreciated in versions 3.x we are deeply provisioned via SOAP at this time.

I would like to have a work around for our current process. Currently it works in the following manner.

Current process is to use API command to add/ remove alias to VoIP server named:  update_voip_account_subscriber

Every time on managing DIDs  routed to a specific subscriber alias we have to feed all DIDs to route to the SOAP API.

Some clients like with large DID amounts in the alias table have to route all their DID to single Subscriber Alias.  In this case on adding new DID (or on removing) we have to send to API more than 1200 DIDs in XML,  same on deleting.

In case of error this can cause all DIDs to be removed from the alias of the subscriber.

Having some simple API would be great.  Could we ask a developer to extend the API to implement an "ADD DID" or "REMOVE DID"

Thank you
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