[Spce-user] Voicemail is dead after upgrade of debian

Anders Wæhrens andersw at parknet.dk
Mon Aug 29 11:42:38 EDT 2016

Our voicemail is dead silence and asterisk craches when we call it.
We are unfortunately not able to upgrade our debian now (running squeeze), because that would require changes in our provisioning systems.

I read earlier thread:
"Voicemail dead air after upgrade 2.6->2.7->2.8"
...I just released a new package of ngcp-asterisk for 2.8 release built
with the latest lib version available for squeeze.

Can you please help me how I can upgrade, to that release,  because everything seems to be upgraded (apt...)

Best regards
Anders Waehrens
Baldersgade 12
DK-2200 København N

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