[Spce-user] Basic SIP Installation

William Fulton wfulton at thirdhatch.com
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If you are logged in as root, you don’t have to do “su” because root is the super user.  So, any command that requires su or sudo can omit that step.





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Installation versions:


Debian version: 8.6

I am new to this Debian/Linux OS. Please help me.



On Sun, 4 Dec 2016 at 23:56 Sai Sameer <sameer.pras at gmail.com> wrote:


	I have newly installed debian used NetISO image mentioned in the instllation instructions.

	Later I installed ngcp by running the command ngcp-installer.

	After installation is successful, when I try to access the root, below error comes:
	sameer at sameerdebian:/etc$ su
	su: Permission denied

	Can you please help me resolve this.



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