[Spce-user] trunk configuration

Julian Seifert js at dacor.de
Tue Feb 2 07:52:17 EST 2016


I'm currently working on building a sample configuration for a sip trunk
on which we can base our future trunk-setups.

I'm not 100% sure if I approach it correctly so please be gentle and what I actually want to know
is "how do you configure a sip trunk for a customer on sipwise the proper way?"

The pbx in our case is for example askozia which essentially is a asterisk
based solution afaik.
The askozia trunk configuration is quite straight forward and works with a variety of sip providers.

As we are now entering the business ourselves we'd like to configure our sipwise appropriately
to provide trunks.
We want to allow the trunkuser to dialout with DDIs (so "CLIP no screening")
In this example we want to provide the customer with a block of 100 numbers where 
there is a "centralnumber", commonly its the -0. 

I'm basing this example on the following number: 499561404956
We would like to be able to use 499561404956-0 to -99 as DDIs.

Currently I'm using a subscriber setup with the following specific settings.

- Primary number: 499561404956
- No Aliases
- extended dialing mode, send dialed number with extension (so calls using a DDI will reach the pbx)
- extension_in_npn (to set the ddi in outgoing calls as npn - if I understand the option properly)
- allowed_clis to "*" (or to 499561404956* to restrict the allowed CLIs to basenumber and DDIs?)
- e164_to_uri (unsure about this)
- would it be necessary to add all DDIs as aliases? (which is something we would like to avoid)

so - is this approach completely wrong? 
Is the regular approach to implement a trunk different?
Is there a "best practice" approach? 

Please share your knowledge/opinion/wisdom and if I used some terms in the wrong way please forgive my ignorance.

kind regards,


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