[Spce-user] Notification sounds (sound_set) by calls from PSTN/Peering not working

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Thu Feb 18 06:06:43 EST 2016



i post several days ago a problem, that there is no voice message playing,
if there are concurrent calls exceeded, so the caller just hear the ringing
tone and nothing else.

Today I did some more tests and found out the problem, but no solution for


The problem just happen, if the call comes from PSTN/Peering.

If the caller is another subscriber on the server, the notification sounds
works perfectly.


So if somebody from PSTN is calling a local subscriber, and this local
subscriber is not online or busy or call limit exceeded or whatever, the
call goes to the application server but the caller just hear the normal
ringing tone and no notification voice until the caller hang up by himself.

So the caller from PSTN/Peering doesn't recognize that the callee will never
answer and get no information about that the callee is not available, or
busy, or whatever.

BUT if the callee get called from another local subscriber, the notification
about unavailable or busy or whatever, will be played correctly.

So the problem just happen, if the call comes from a Peering (PSTN).


So normally the sound "callee_offline.wav" or "callee_busy.wav" etc should
be played as well if the call comes from PSTN/peering.

I set the soundset correctly and also activate the loop function, but like I
wrote, it just works with local calls but not with PSTN/peering calls.


Maybe I have somewhere a setting false or whatever, don't know.

I also checked the config.yml but can't find any hint for solving this


Would be nice, if you could help me out with this problem.





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