[Spce-user] best practice - connecting pbx

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Thu Mar 24 06:30:02 EDT 2016

best practice is to treat PBX as normal subscriber on SPCE, and the 
register the PBX towards SPCE.
In your case looks like your are authenticating with the wrong username. 
Please pay attention on asterisk side, and make sure to use the right 
credentials to register properly.
Also the From username must be equal to the authentication username, and 
both must be the user part of your SIP URI configured in SPCE.


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On 03/22/2016 06:00 PM, Marek Červenka wrote:
> hi,
> i'm trying configure sipwise as  sip trunk provider for asterisk pbx
> asterisk is on public ip. register to sipwise is working
> i have problem with outbound calls. ngcp-proxy again and again sending 
> sip 487 . asterisk for 3 times sending invite with correct auth
> subscriber settings:
> allowed_clis: *
> trusted_source: ip of asterisk pbx
> allow_out_foreign_domain: true
> allowed_ips: ip of asterisk pbx
> where can i find reason why proxy doesnt accept auth? 
> /var/log/ngcp/kamailio-proxy.log shows
> Mar 22 16:25:53 ip-10-139-23-91 (local7.notice) proxy[6877]: NOTICE: 
> <script>: Authentication failed, invalid user - 
> R=sip:420800123456 at sip.myvoipex.net 
> ID=7cf1d52725c1a9983404ebd9630c1054 at UA='ipbx'
> can you recommend best practice settings for pbx trunk?
> system: mr4.2.1  AWS

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