[Spce-user] Sipwise CE as SBC migration from 2.8 to 38 problem

Raul raul.alonso at tpartner.net
Mon Nov 21 05:23:49 EST 2016

Good morning,


We have a sipwise CE v2.8LTE configured as SBC, our clients connect against
the SBC and it does "upper registration" over a series of asterisk.

The group of Asterisk is configured as peers in the same peering group in
the SBC and we have marked the option "outbound_calls_to_peer" in each

When the extension "101" is registered on the SBC and makes a call this
always goes to the associated Asterisk in the "remote authentication"


Now we are migrating to version 3.8LTE (first in laboratory) the
configuration works correctly except that when extension "101" makes a call
the SBC sends the call randomly to any of the asterisk configured in the
peering group, instead of sending it to the asterisk that makes reference in
the section "remote authentication"


Is it possible to recover the operation of version 2.8 or instead we have to
create different peering groups for each Asterisk and use the "source /
destination patterns" to solve it?



Raúl Alonso.


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