[Spce-user] Security bans doesn't work

Sergey Kharlamov mentax at bk.ru
Wed Nov 23 22:39:56 EST 2016

Hi there,

I made a fresh installation of latest version of spce (4.5.2) and found some issue.
I'm trying to check why my Security bans are empty and realize that this feature doesn't work anymore.

I make some tests, trying to register to this server with non existing username about 50 times and system did not block me.

Here is my kamailio-proxy.log 

I check my config.yml and I see that this feature are enable

      failed_auth_attempts: '3'
      failed_auth_ban_enable: yes
      failed_auth_ban_time: '3600'
Please let me know.

Sergey Kharlamov
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