[Spce-user] Billing profile's free time and customer creation

Oleg spce at irg-x.net
Thu Sep 29 10:17:11 EDT 2016


Just wondering, if I follow the instructions in the spce-4.4.1's 
Handbook (/handbook/ar01s09.html#billing_profiles) and put A Billing 
Profile's Interval charge in cents (ex.: 3540), than in the Invoice I 
see 3540€ . Shouldnt' the Invoce divide this by 100? Should I put 38.40 
if my Currency setting is set to '€'?

1. Also, if my Billing Plan has "Interval free time = 36000" (600 
muntes), than -- when I create a new Customer and assign it this Billing 
Profile -- strange numbers appear in the Contract Balance: Sipwise seems 
to be deviding "Interval free time" by 10 (so in my case I get 3600 
seconds). How is the Contract Balance calculated on Customer creation?

2. If I add "Interval free cash = 3854" in the Billing Profile, then, in 
the Contract Balance, I get 2.36 that (Sipwise seems to divide by 1500)

3. Will Sipwise reset the Contract Balance of every Customer at the and 
of the Billing Interval (1st of every month) and put the values found in 
"Intervall free time" and "Interval free cash" of the Billing Profile?

Appreciate any help I can get.


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