[Spce-user] Error when apply the 'Audiocodecs Workaround'

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Thu Jan 26 07:11:51 EST 2017

Following the instructions of the manual do apply the 'Audiocodecs Workaround' on a LTS 4.5.3 brand new installed, after doing the 'ngcpcfg apply', kamailio-proxy instance lost track of rtpengine ... giving a lot of erros on the logs, after a bit of tracing down the config scripts found that the 'offending' template its proxy/kamailio.cfg.tt2 on this part: 

[% FOREACH rtp IN rtp_cluster_set -%] 
modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_sock", "[% rtp.dispatcher_id %] == [% FOREACH ip IN rtp.ips %]udp:[% ip %]:[% rtpengine.control_port %][% UNLESS loop.last %] [% END %][% END %]") 
[% END -%] 

As a result of evaluating that line ... anything get writen on the final .cfg, leting the kamailio-proxy instance without knowing how to comunicate with rtpengine, and so, no NAT call have audio. 

now that snipe of code works? ... what are the changes to be made to the config.yml so it works when applying the workaround? 

Best regards 
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