[Spce-user] two devices after a ip, continuous deregistration

JL . yacabreao at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 24 06:34:40 EDT 2017

Hi friends,
I have a problem with my SipWise.
I have several sip devices after the same ip:

                                               |--------(Device 1) Granstream  701 (yyyy at mydominio.net)

SipWise ---------------router|

                                               |------- (Device 2) Grandstream 701 (xxxx at mydominio.net)

The problem is that as soon as device 1 is registered, device 2 is unregistered ( code 401 unauthorized) and when device 2 is registered then device 1 is unregistered.

Only a device is allowed after a ip by SipWise??
Maybe I'm doing something wrong..
Can you help me, please?

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