[Spce-user] Problem with IPv4-IPv6 media bridging using RTPengine

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Mon Jul 24 08:41:20 EDT 2017

On 19/07/17 09:00 AM, Ismir Saljic wrote:
> Hello,
> I've issue with bridging media between IPv4 and IPv6 clients. 
> IPv4-IPv4 and IPv6-IPv6 calls are working without issues.
> I'm using kamailio 4.4.2 and configuration according to: 
> http://kb.asipto.com/kamailio:kamailio-mixed-ipv4-ipv6 
> <http://kb.asipto.com/kamailio:kamailio-mixed-ipv4-ipv6>
> SIP signalling is working without issues,but media addresses in SDP 
> are not rewritten correctly.
> The server is on amazon AWS and both kamailio and RTPengine are on the 
> same server.
> RTPengine is running using these options:
> /usr/sbin/rtpengine   --interface=privateIPv4!publicIPv4
>                                  --interface=GlobalIPv6
>    --listen-udp= <>
>    --tos=184
> --pidfile=/var/run/rtpengine.pid
>    --log-level=6
> --log-facility=daemon
> In case of IPv4-IPv6 call, INVITE message contains correct IPv4 
> address but 200 OK response to the caller still contains IPv6 address 
> of the callee in SDP body instead of IPv4 address of the server/RTPengine.
> This is the log during generation of the 200 OK response. Seems that 
> RTPengine failed to parse IPv4 address from SDP body.


I already replied to your issue on the sr-users mailing list:

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