[Spce-user] Emergency Mappings - No Documentation?

Nathaniel Pitcher nathaniel at inmtn.net
Wed Mar 15 20:03:59 EDT 2017

Can someone shed any light on how Emergency Mappings is supposed to work?

I don’t seem to see any documentation of it in the manual. Currently running mr5.1.1. 

From my assumption, I make a container and then add mappings where  on the "Create Emergency Mappings” page, the “Code” is the emergency number that I wish to dial (911 in my case) and the “Prefix” is the prefix I wish to add (emergency_carrier_ in my case)

I have set this up with a test number instead of 911 (13215551212) and when dialing it seems to simply dial as normal. 

I have assigned my emergency container to the subscriber. 
I have set up a rewrite rule matching the prefix and remove it on the peer. 

Is this not the intended way to detect an emergency number and route it?

Nathaniel Pitcher

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