[Spce-user] Billing Integration Sipwise and Freeside

Daniel Paez paezdaniel100 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 14:42:45 EDT 2017


I would like to know if someone can help me with the integration of Sipwise
and Freeside, I have researched a little and I find that some people have
done it however there are very few details of the procedure.

Here (https://lists.sipwise.com/pipermail/spce-user/2014-April/006135.html)
Mr. Abel sends a file sipwise.pm but for those of us who are not so expert
in linux it is not so clear.

So, according to what I've seen, I have to:

1. Export the CDRs from sipwise to an FTP. I have the export files that I
place on github.com (
https://github.com/sipwise/cdr-exporter/tree/master/NGCP/CDR) but in which
directory should I place the files? Where do I put the connection to the
FTP server?

2. I have to import the files in Freeside as indicated by Mr. Abel
Alejandro in the first link, but how are these files connected to the FTP

Basically that's what I want to know, so could anyone please orient me a
little on what I should do?

I really would be very grateful for a little help.

Thank you.

Daniel Paez.
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