[Spce-user] Callee is not local but its

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Tue Mar 7 07:53:48 EST 2017

Hi Abel,
actually you may be right that this is not the case. I recall it was
needed in older releases (?) otherwise the server would reply 403 Domain
not served here. Domain matters when there is no record in dbaliases so
it falls back to user and domain check in subscriber table.

As long as you have a record in dbaliases matching dialed number the
system should be able to match inbound call to subscriber. That is where
the problem happens I think, because the dialed number does not have 1
in front and probably callee-in rewrite rule for inbound peer is not
adding 1.
You can fix that with a rewrite rule.
Nothing has been changed in mr4.5.4 in that regard (mr5.x has inbound
peering rules and tighter source port check for peers but that is whole
other story)..

Abel Alejandro wrote:
> Hey Andrew,
> Did that changed recently and only affects new subscribers? I will
> speak with my PSTN to make the change however.
> However calls coming to other subscribers are working from the very
> same PSTN and they use the IP, not the domain.
> root at sip:/var/log/ngcp# grep 5435BC51 at
> <mailto:5435BC51 at> kamailio-proxy.log 
> Mar  7 08:30:38 sip proxy[3757]: NOTICE: <script>: New request on
> proxy - M=INVITE R=sip:7877050555 at;transport=udp
> F=sip:7875868313 at
> <http://sip:7875868313@>
> T=sip:7877050555 at
> <http://sip:7877050555@> IP=
> <> ( <>)
> ID=5435BC51 at <mailto:5435BC51 at> UA='<null>'
> Mar  7 08:30:38 sip proxy[3757]: NOTICE: <script>: Call from PSTN -
> R=sip:7877050555 at;transport=udp
> ID=5435BC51 at <mailto:5435BC51 at> UA='<null>'

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