[Spce-user] Callee is not local but its

Abel Alejandro aalejandro at alliedtechnologygrouppr.com
Tue Mar 7 08:04:28 EST 2017

My PSTN sends all calls without the 1. Most of them are working fine.

I have attached a photo at http://pasteboard.co/GydwtwNoI.png

However calls to this subcriber do get rewritten but still fail:

See this error:

Mar  7 09:03:15 sip proxy[3763]: NOTICE: <script>: Rewriting called party
'7879217782' to '17879217782' -
R=sip:7879217782 at;transport=udp
ID=AE0E17E0 at UA='<null>'
Mar  7 09:03:15 sip proxy[3763]: NOTICE: <script>: Callee is not local -
R=sip:17879217782 at;transport=udp ID=AE0E17E0 at

On Tue, Mar 7, 2017 at 8:53 AM, Andrew Pogrebennyk <apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
> wrote:

> Hi Abel,
> actually you may be right that this is not the case. I recall it was
> needed in older releases (?) otherwise the server would reply 403 Domain
> not served here. Domain matters when there is no record in dbaliases so
> it falls back to user and domain check in subscriber table.
> As long as you have a record in dbaliases matching dialed number the
> system should be able to match inbound call to subscriber. That is where
> the problem happens I think, because the dialed number does not have 1 in
> front and probably callee-in rewrite rule for inbound peer is not adding 1.
> You can fix that with a rewrite rule.
> Nothing has been changed in mr4.5.4 in that regard (mr5.x has inbound
> peering rules and tighter source port check for peers but that is whole
> other story)..
> Andrew
> Abel Alejandro wrote:
> Hey Andrew,
> Did that changed recently and only affects new subscribers? I will speak
> with my PSTN to make the change however.
> However calls coming to other subscribers are working from the very same
> PSTN and they use the IP, not the domain.
> root at sip:/var/log/ngcp# grep 5435BC51 at kamailio-proxy.log
> Mar  7 08:30:38 sip proxy[3757]: NOTICE: <script>: New request on proxy -
> M=INVITE R=sip:7877050555 at;transport=udp F=
> sip:7875868313 at T=sip:7877050555 at IP=
> ( ID=5435BC51 at UA='<null>'
> Mar  7 08:30:38 sip proxy[3757]: NOTICE: <script>: Call from PSTN - R=
> sip:7877050555 at;transport=udp ID=5435BC51 at
> UA='<null>'
> Andrew

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