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this with seperate domain is also the way i would also do for a reseller, but i can’t define a limit on this domain. Cause the setting on domain layer is just for a subscriber if there is no limit defined.

So i can’t restrict a domain or reseller with this setting.. just the default setting for a new subscriber of this domain.




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I think to do this you need to create a seperate domain and assign the max calls to the new domain and assign that domain to the reseller.

Not sure if there is an alternative way to do this but I think that would be the easiest plus each of your resellers will have their own domain for their subscribers.


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i want to grant access for a reseller on a SPCE 4.5.3 setup. The reseller should be allowed to create and bill his sip accounts on his own.


I setup an test reseller on my spce and want to restrict the maximum concurrent calls this reseller can use but i can’t find this option somewhere?


My idea is to restrict the max concurrent calls for a reseller, so the reseller must pay a fee for every single channel. If he need more, i will raise up his max con calls limit and charge it.

The reseller otherwise can give as much channels to his subsribers as he want, but if the use more like the reseller max call limit is allowed, the get an max con call warning. It is like the max con call limit i can set on a peering. I just want to set it for an reseller.



Is this feature possible? Or is there any other workarround to restrict the max con calls? 


Thank you.


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